Finding the Essence, 2007

My Graduation project: Concept for Dwellings ‘Finding the Essence’, publication: The Architecture Annual 2006- 2007,Delft University of Technology

Finding the Essence
Project “Cool”
TUDelft graduationproject 2007-07

Within the city of Tokio the aspect of ‘chaos and peace’ is always presented. This contrast is the very strength of it and made the city in what it is now. Its chaotic structure has made the people look for there own peaceful places. Often these are dwelling that have a special aura of peace in them. This phenomenon is what I call an ‘Essence of a city’. Take this thought back to Rotterdam, what is the Essence of Rotterdam, does it exist now or does it still have to come?

The research resulted in the most obvious, the people of Rotterdam is the very strength of it. Because of its variety of people from different culture, lifestyle, origin, etc, it has to deal with the problem that comes with it, but the spirit of making this happen, after many errors, is one to praise on. This is the Essence of Rotterdam, the search for Harmony.

Within the location, the district Cool, the problem with ethnic differences and homeless people is at hand. My building forms an icon, a statement, in the city Rotterdam. It must also transcend time itself and has to sustain all the stages, till harmony is finally achieved. He fulfils his task as flexible dwelling and is the reflection of a search for the Essence of a city.

The skin and form embraces the Essence like a shield, he protects it from the dangers of the outside world and what arises within is a chance of a society which respects and tolerates each other. Within the location this form has been justified by laying the link with the old surroundings, by preserving an old building facade as the face of the building.

The inside is built on the creating of social space, but like H. Hertzberger once said: we cannot create social space, but only incite of it. Reintroducing the old living streets was an aspect that was used here, concerns the use of private and public, the street as the living room of the building.

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